Our boats:

FP Saona 47 – Ishøj

Lagoon 410 – Kolding

Bavaria 38 – Frederikshavn

Have a wonderful holiday for the whole family.

The seas and fjords are so much inviting for sailing holidays. A host of marinas and small islands welcome the sailors and not least the outdoor life, the interaction around the barbecue and the very social life of the harbours are popular.

The Danish waters are full of protected sailing areas, exciting anchorages and a remarkably beautiful nature. On a sailing holiday in Denmark you will find that there are only short passages between all the glories.

Denmark offers more than 8750 kilometers of coastline offers an abundance of cozy and modern marinas – as well as interesting harbour towns with formidable shopping opportunities, cultural attractions and some of the world’s best restaurants.

A trip to the Swedish archipelago, the beautiful fjords of Norway or the pleasant northern Germany are also highly recommended.

Holidays on water are, as the name suggests, about holiday forms ON the water and not necessarily in it. Water – as in the sea, archipelago, sound and fjords – is one of the most meditative to see and be on. It provides peace of mind to look at water. At the same time, it is fascinating to experience the sunrise and breakfast in the cockpit, the day’s sailing with new impressions and a drink for the sunset, where the sky is stained red and the calm lowers itself over the harbour.

There are many ways to holiday on water.

If it is the family’s first holiday at sea, where it may have been weekend trips with friends who have been on the programme until now, or the evening sailing at the sailing school, it is clearly recommended to start with small day trips to the many idyllic ports that exist.

Short day trips are also ideal for children on board. They can make time go by and love the tasks on board, but also look forward to the many opportunities for new playmates in new ports.

When you don’t have your own boat or want to try something bigger.

More and more couples have found the value in going and joining forces on a larger boat instead of renting each other. The benefits are obvious; The community and the fact that more people can sail means that you can go far and possibly take a night trip in order to be there quickly at one’s ‘holiday destination’. By sailing more together, the cost per person decreases significantly.


To rent one of our boats, you as skipper must have at least certificate of proficiency and sailing experience.
All boats are equipped with VHF radio and therefore we also require VHF/SRC proof of at least one person on board.

If you don’t have this evidence, you can hire a skipper who likes to learn along the way and show how it all works.

You are always welcome to call or write to us if you have any doubts. See link at the bottom of the page.