The important meeting

Let your next meeting be memorable!

You can make your meeting special and emphasize the importance for both participants and the goal you want to achieve.

Our unique and highly flexible meeting facilities ensure the right experience.

Create joy and surprise.

For the very special occasion, we offer luxurious and flexible surroundings and facilities.

Good experiences at work increases awareness and make the meeting special.

Show your Managers/employees the path to innovation, creativity and innovative culture; Think differently.

How do I do that?

Our large catamarans have plenty of space for 8-10 participants, with facilities that make the collection of your employees an unforgettable experience.

A catamaran is particularly suitable for:

  • Teambuilding

  • Customer- / supplier- / employee-care

  • Discreet meetings

  • Courses

  • Sales and supplier meetings

  • Product presentation

  • Wine tasting

  • Accommodation

Supplementary services

  • Skipper

  • Hostess

  • Erhvervspsykolog
  • Trainers

  • Security personnel

  • Chef

  • Cleaning

  • Transport

Tailor-made events

We help with everything you want and tailor your event to your needs. We have 2 catamarans in Copenhagen and Kolding, which can be moved as needed.

Request offers based on your specification by email.