Holliday on water is a great vacation for all the family.

The calm Scandinavian seas and fiords invites indeed to a sailing vacation. Short distances between marinas and secluded anchor spots. Beautiful small islands and bays bids you welcome, not to mention the sailors who are friendly and helpful. Enjoy meeting new friends at the harbors BBQ and at the children’s playground, or you can enjoy the tranquility of an anchorage. Scandinavian waters are full of protected sailing areas, quiet anchor spots and a remarkable beautiful nature.

Most marinas offers a range of restaurants and shopping possibilities and the smaller harbors on the islands have local produce and grocery store within walking distance. All over, you have different attractions e.g. cultural, theaters and movies, museums, castles, entertainment, fun parks etc.

Take a look at the harbor guides found on board or on the Internet.

Being on the water is one of the most relaxing vacations you can get. The water is meditative to look at and you will feel the stress level going down after just a few hours on board. You will get rest to mind and soul.

Look at the sunset with the people you love; have breakfast in the cockpit in the morning; get new impressions sailing in the wonderful Scandinavian waters and enjoy a goodnight drink as the sun turns red and the harbor quiets down for the day.

There are many ways to have vacation at sea. 

If you are traveling with children, make sure you keep your trips short on the water, 3 to 4 hours at maximum. Start early to get the best spot in the next harbor, and give the children time to play and meet new friends.

Keep in mind that nature is the best playground there is and need not necessarily be a fancy equipped designed playground at the harbor. Many harbors has activities as a place for ‘Crab race’ or a nice beach next to the harbor. A fishing pole is also great fun!

When you do not have your own boat. 

More and more people has discovered the value of renting instead of owning. Now you can visit different places each year and save money compared to owning your own boat. If two families team up the boat can be bigger for the same money or even cheaper per person.

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