Holliday on the water is a great vacation and we got the yacht!

DanCharter is a rental agency that conveys rent of sailboats to primarily the Scandinavian and German market.

DanCharter offers family sailing holiday on their own and in DanCharter’s rental fleet you can easily find a boat that fits the need.

The fleet consists primarily of newer and larger boats and the boats are very suitable when couples and families want to get together to rent or for major family children to have their own cabin. There is enough room for up to three or four couples who want to sail together and all couples get their own cabin.

The boats are well equipped and security is high. All boats are equipped according to the Maritime Administration regulations on charter boats.

DanCharter have as a minimum requirement that at least one of the participants have acquired the Danish Maritime Authority Proficiency Test or similar and VHF radio license.

See the list and price list rental fleet here

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